Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Coupon Box - Couponing Lesson

My coupon box is simply a clear plastic container with a locking lid. The locking lid is absolutely required unless you wouldn't mind spending hours sorting your coupons and then drop the box or hit your brakes and it falls to the floor! Been there - Done that, it was not a pretty sight!

I organize my individual coupons alphabetically. Betty Crocker cake mix filed under "B", etc.

I have "A" - "Z", then I have one called "free", and another one call "mixed". The mixed one is for coupons that say things like "Buy milkyway or reese's". I also place numbered things in this one like 9 lives cat food.

So ladies.... lets get going.. head on over to ebay and do a search for "100 coupons" then buy 5 or 6 of these auctions, but pay no more than $2 per auction including shipping. Be sure to read the description because you do not want to buy any coupons that expire before Jan 1. NO December coupons! You won't have time to use them! Basically my rule of thumb is 30 days or more to expiration WHEN I ORDER THEM! So if I order on Dec 15, I wouldn't want to get any that expire before Jan 15.

As soon as you have ordered your coupons, come back here and post a comment so I'll know your ready and we will move onto the next step... SHOPPING!!

My plan is to list here the "deals" that will be available for the stores around us, locally.
  • I will tell you What is on sale
  • I will tell you what coupon you need.
  • I will tell you what the final cost to you will be.
  • Then you guys can pull out the coupons needed for each store, by looking in your coupon box. (by then you will have already bought your coupons from ebay and will have them filed alphabetically)   
  • If you need a visual, I will then tell you when I can go to the store and you can meet me there or we can possibly make arrangements to car pool, and I will walk you through the whole shopping experience .

Any questions?

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  1. I should add that if I find "100 assorted coupons" that expire the end of the month (giving me only 3 weeks to use them) for .99 cents and its free shipping.. I'll buy 1 or 2... 'cause thats cheap!