Sunday, October 24, 2010

Buying a second hand house!

Last year around this time hubby and I decided to apply for a loan to buy his step sisters house. This house is 500 yards or so from our mobile home and when she said she wanted to sell, we knew it was either buy it or sell our place becuase we didn't want neighbors! And that is where our nightmare began!!!

We applied for the loan before halloween 2009 and after jumping through numberous hoops, jumping over the banks land mine of obsticles, we finally were approved somewhere around March or April 2010!

We are continuely working on the house as we have time and money but I wanted to post some of the "before" photo's while I'm thinking about it.

This is what we originally called the mud room. It's a room that use to be a patio and it was enclosed. Notice the mobile home siding still attached to the right wall!

View from mud room into kitchen

Mud Room opposite view

Mud Room

Cellar, with rotted roof that previous owner used to store garbage!

Cellar, scary electrical work!

There are many more rooms of course, but I will divide the post up so the pages will not be so hard to load for those on dial up.  I will update this post with some "during construction" photos later this coming week.

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