Friday, May 21, 2010

Hooray For Huggies! Super-Duper Cheap at Rite-Aid

Ok...Here's how to do this deal:

I think you may need a Wellness + Card for this to work.  You can sign up for and print a temporary one here.  Be sure to get your $5/25 once you sign up and save it for a different deal.

Then go here and print this coupon $3.00 off 1 Huggies Snug and Dry

Also print the $5 off of $25 Dollar Rite Aid Coupon  You need to change the zip code to 50 miles.
Your Rite Aid Transaction:
(2) Huggies Little Movers $8.99 each
(1) Huggies Snug and Dry $8.99 each
use the (4) Above coupons and you will Pay $15.05 out of pocket.

At the end of your receipt you will get a coupon for $11.99 good on ANY Non Perscription Purchase!! If you deduct this from your cost it’s like paying $3.06 for THREE PACKS!

Be sure to submit your receipt for the SCR #800 Buy 5 Huggies get a coupon for a free pack!
NOTE: If you have access to multiple computers you can effectively ROLL this deal (do it over and over). One the second transaction and every one after that you can use the $11.99 coupon plus the original 4 coupons I listed and you will be paying $3.06 out of pocket and you'll get ANOTHER $11.99 coupon at the end of each transaction!


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  1. My $11.99 Coupon did not print. Apparently the $11.99 on the end of your receipt is at only participating stores. It's a store by store offer, so look for a tag that says Buy 3 , get $11.99 on future purchase. Even without the $11.99 its still a great deal!