Friday, April 9, 2010

Know which way the winds blowing before you engage in a wizzing contest

Being new to the penny auction world and observing several players who regularly participated in wizzing contest (SEE MY REVIEW HERE) I began to think maybe its an "image" thing. I decided maybe I needed to build an image.. WRONG! 

First of all, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a penny-pinching, coupon-clipping, frugal spender! So this story is going to shock most of you. If I had it to do over again, I would have walked away, but I didn't know that I should have walked away until it was too late.

At first I started bidding on this small $15 card, because my dear hubby absolutely loves the sandwiches there. While he usually packs a cold sandwich for work,  he does treat himself to a subway once every few months.  Then once the bidding started, I thought to myself... gee I've already bid enough times to have almost bought a $15 card... so I kept going, not wanting to lose my investment. Then it felt  (of course I know this sounds paranoid) like when I bid, the other person was not even waiting for the bid to show up, the bid amount was actually "blinking" it was going so fast! I thought to myself... "Why is this person being so aggressive....  I'll show them!"

Here we are bidding back and forth, both of us have something like $60 invested in a $15 subway card. While we were bidding back and forth I was also looking at some auctions that had ended earlier, one of which I won and was preparing to pay for it.

There it was, in black and white, I felt like such a jerk! This bidder who I was engaging with had earlier bid on the card I won AND WALKED AWAY, letting me win it for .02 cents!!!! Ok, by now I feel like a complete and total LOSER! Needless to say I immediately stopped bidding! Unfortunately we had already ran the bids up to $4.56.  I had 113 bids........meaning I started a bidding war on someone who earlier had extended me the hand of common respect, courtesy, friendship... whatever you want to call it.  Bids are .60 cents each here, so I just started a battle and cost this person roughly $60!!

My plan now is to find out who this bidder is, and make a mends! I will let you know how it works out.

UPDATE: I have publicly apologized, the post can be read here.

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