Saturday, December 6, 2008

Save-a-lot Price List

Our family strives for wholesome-organic-preservative-free foods (which can be costly), but on our income its just not a goal we can realistically implement 100 percent!

I'm a big fan of Save-A-Lot for low cost food! I buy a lot of my can goods and most of my boxed goods there. The only exceptions are the products I can at home and the products I get free or cheap from couponing. The majority of both canned and boxed items are no better or worse than name brand. No matter what brand I would buy, I would still doctor it up to suit my families tastes.

Save-A-lot accepts manufacturer coupons at face value (no doubling). I have decided to start a Save-A-Lot Name Brand Price list here so we can all share and add to the information. Having a brand & price list readily available to match your coupons to will help cut your grocery bill even more!

Here is what I have so far, please feel free to add to it:
Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes Twin Pack ($1.99 on sale 12/7/08)
Breyer's Ice Cream $3.49
Bugles snacks (.99 on sale 12/7/08)
Fresh Express Salad .99
Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix .39
Mrs. Smith's Pies (Free with purchase of 2 Breyers Ice Cream sales paper 12/7/08)
Pepsi Products $1.25
Red Baron Pizza ($3 on sale 12/7/08)
TGI Friday's Appetizers ($3 on sale 12/7/08)

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