Friday, December 5, 2008

Kmart Double Coupon Shopping Trip Number Two 12/08

I normally do not shop at Kmart simply because their prices are so ridiculously high! Even with my hordes of coupons, I didn't venture too far from the "Bargain Bin" items (aka free or really cheap after double coupons).

This was my third successful trip to Kmart during their double coupon madness. My first trip was back in October, then twice this round (November 30 - December 6) . During this trip I realized that Kmart has raised their prices, substantially, on the items that had previously been free after coupon. Sneaky! Sneaky! Sneaky!

My advise to everyone is to help each other compile a "Kmart free & nearly free shopping list", like the one I have here, and stick to it. Impulse buying at Kmart without a coupon will definitely put a strain on your wallet and cut a huge chunk out of your total savings.

All in all this trip was a good one thanks to the Meat coupons I acquired from ebay.

3 Cover Girl 4 color eyeshadow
4 Nail Art
1 Cover Girl Pressed Powder
1 Sauve Lotion
4 Sally Hansen Nail Polish
4 Revlon Emory Boards
4 Pink Nail Stickers
2 Scotch Shipping Tape
3 Kotex Maxi Pads
1 L'Oreal Vive for Kids
1 Sucrets
2 KY Jelly
2 Herbal Essence Shampoo
1 Pert Shampoo
1 Reynolds Oven Bags
1 Lysol Spray
1 Lysol liquid Cleaner
1 Lysol with Bleach
2 Soft Scrub
1 Chinet 14oz cups
1 Glade Candle Holder
2 Lipton & Rice Side Dishes
15 Maruchan Noodles "Chili" (no coupon but hubby loves these!) @.39 cents each
8 Maruchan Noodles "Picante') again no coupon
4 BC Cookie Mix
1 Roman Meal 12 grain bread
4 Jennieo Turkey
2 Large Packages 16oz. Shrimp
2 Shrimp Ring Cocktails
BEFORE COUPONS $194.47 (tax $5.93)
Total of 80 items

Second Order
1 Pony Night Light on clearance $1.50
2 Revlon Emory Boards
2 Nail Stickers
3 pkgs Kotex Panti-Liners
2 Childrens Tylenol
4 Monistat Wipes
1 Clorox 182oz Regular Bleach
2 Dynamo Laundry Detergents (no coupon but this is all we use!)
1 pkg Lifesaver
1 Nestle Strawberry Syrup
1 Reynolds Parchment Paper
1 Swiss Miss Cocoa
4 BC Cookie Mix
2 Lipton side dishes
2 BC Scalloped Potatoes
1 Nestle 3 lbs candy (clearance $1.74)
1 Kelloggs Strawberry mini Wheats
1 French's Fried Onions
2 Ronzoni Smart Pasta
2 Sea Best Breaded Shrimp
2 Top Sirlion Steak
2 Large Family Packs Ground Chunk
1 Green Giant Steamfresh
TOTAL BEFORE COUPONS $104.63 (Tax $2.94)
Total of 40 Items

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