Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kmart Super Double Coupon Events

I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the Kmart $2 Double coupon events, right? Well here is the gist...

(1) It will be on November 30 to December 6, 2008
(2) Limit 4 alike coupons, Limit 75 Total
(3) Buy ? Get ? Free Coupons are not doubled. The value will be limited up to the first product.
(4) Catalina coupons are not doubled.
(5) Internet coupons will not be accepted.
(6) Sale starts at 7am in most areas. This just happens to also be when thier sales fliers start.
(7) You can go here and print out a Kmart $5 off any $50 purchase, which will help reduce your final cost. It expires on 11-30-08 so it will only be good 1 day.
(8) Maximum coupon doubled $2 (= $4 off )
(9) Amount taken off will not exceed the price of the product.
(10) Please CLICK HERE to let Kmart know what you think.... Especially if you would like to see them continue this $2 coupon event! You may also call 1-866-562-7848, from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. (CT) Monday - Sunday.

Here is what I purchased today:

Hope this helps someone.

You can find My Kmart Shopping List here, it is full of great ideas and bargains!

Kmart Catalina Info:

"buy select holiday SCJ brands between 9/21 & 12/8:
spend $10-$14.99 get $2.00
spend $15-$19.99 get $3.00
spend $20 or more & get $5.00 coupon of your next order

*Saran Holiday
*Ziploc Holiday
*Glade Holiday"


Vaseline lotion CATs:
$1.00 on any one Vaseline lotion (exp 2/22/09)
$1.50 on any two Vaseline lotion (exp 2/22/09)

The buy a "gift card for $50 get a free $10 reward card "
will be back Dec 5 & 6

Cant use gift card to buy a gift card. Thats not a big deal as long as you buy something else with the gift card... then they wont notice. Limit 2 per person

You purchase a $50 gift card and they give you another $10... Then you go back in the store and buy something for a minimal amount ($1, $2 whatever) and another $50 gift card and you use the first $50 gift card and the rest in cash to pay for it and they will give you another $10 gift card

If you buy like that they wont even notice.

The rewards cards will be valid staring Dec. 8th

Transaction 1:
Get first $50 GC and $10 Bonus Card.

Transaction 2:
Get 10 or so items that are cheap or free after coupons
Get $50 GC
Use $5/$50
Pay with Trasaction 1 GC and some cash
Get $10 Bonus Card

Transaction 3 through end of promo:
Rinse and Repeat.
If you are doing more than one transaction, try this:

Put 3 hand-held baskets in your cart with an envelope in each one. As you place items in the cart add the correct coupons to the envelopes. This comes in handy because if you buy more than 4 of one item, you have to separate it. When each basket reaches $50 put the $5 off Q in there. Keep a running tally in your head or write it down.
The back page of the sale ad shows several household laundry items that are a special promotion. If you buy any 3 qualifiers the register will automatically deduct $5 from your order. The Downy fabric softener, which qualifies, is on sale for 3 for $9. So, after the credit, 3 bottles for $4.00. Plus if you have any coupons, it would be an even better deal!

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  1. thanks for the great info... I am running to Kmart once again!!